Lawn Dressing

If the lawn becomes thick and spongy, aerate and dress your lawn in late winter or early spring. Follow these steps to ensure a healthy lawn for summer:

Remove thatch and built up organic layer by mowing the lawn on the mower’s lowest settings

Gather all clippings and organic matter with plastic rake (this will reduce the quantity of dressing required)

  • 1m³ of lawn dressing will cover 80-100m² lawn
  • Never dress the lawn thicker thank 15mm
  • Spread dressing evenly over lawn and irrigate 25mm per week
  • Keeping the dressed layer moist, will enhance new leaf penetration and re-growth

A simple method to calculate how much dressing you’d need, is to take the surface area of the lawm, times the thickness. For instance, 300m² x 0.015m= 4.5m³ of dressing required.

Lawn Care

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