Maintaining a New Lawn

Watering a new lawn

After you’ve laid down about 20% of sod, spray with a fine mist from your garden hose. This will prevent the sod from dehydrating before you are finished and can turn on your sprinkler system. Give your lawn at least 2 to 3cm of water within 30 minutes of installation.

Rolling a new lawn

After all the sod is laid, use a roller to ensure good contact between the soil and sod. Avoid heavy roller marks by using a roller filled with only half as much water as when you rolled the soil before the sod was installed. Upon completion, start your irrigation system.

Watering requirements for a new lawn

Water your sod as much as necessary to keep it well watered; maintain it that way for 7- 10 days (sods should not be allowed dry out underneath) since newly laid sod requires constant moisture to establish new root growth. Allow the lawn to partly dry between watering. After 7-10 days of frequent watering, you should start to reduce your watering to a more normal schedule. This will allow the soil to firm up and give you an opportunity to mow your lawn. Avoid mowing new lawn to a “low” setting on your mower. Set your mower to remove only the new growth and avoid cutting into the root layer. Mowing height for normal lawn is 20-25mm. Depending on the season, a new sod lawn will need to be mowed 2-3 weeks after installation. Water areas near buildings more often where reflected heat tends to dry the turf more.

Avoid heavy of concentrated use of your new lawn during the first three weeks. This ensures that the roots have an opportunity to firmly knit with soil and ensures that the turf will remain smooth.

Your new sod lawn increases the value of your property significantly. With proper care, it will remain a great asset which aesthetically pleasing and ensures a clean playing surface and an improved environment.

Your New Lawn

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