"Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at his so called scientific knowledge."

Thomas Edison


As spring turns to summer, it is important to consider weed control while the weather favours plant growth. When targeting nuisance perennial weeds such as docks, nettles and thistles it is important to apply herbicides when the plants are actively growing.

Lawn Pests (Insects)

To determine the type of pest, drench the affected area with water. The pest should then surface. If this does not bring out the pest, drench and cover the affected area with a damp towel and leave overnight. Remove the towel in the early morning.

Lawn Diseases

All lawns are prone to disease. From Basal Rot and Brown Path to Dollar Spots and Fairy Rings, we have a solution to the most common lawn diseases found across lawns in South Africa today.