New Lawns

Selecting a suitable lawn

When making a decision about the type of lawn, consider the climate, shade areas, drought tolerance, the amount of time you wish to spend maintaining your lawn [Read more]

Measuring for a new lawn

Measuring your proposed lawn area and sketching it on graph paper will simplify your estimate process. We recommend the following [Read more]

Preparing for a New Lawn

Tips on Removing the existing lawn, Preparing the soil, Installing irrigation and Fertilising. [Read more]

Laying sods (instant lawn)

Install your lawn immediately upon delivery. Start laying sod from the back of your property to the front along the longest straight boundary line. Should your boundary line area be irregular in shape, run a string along a straight line though the area and begin laying sod along this line. [Read more]

Maintaining a New Lawn

Tips on Watering, rolling, watering and mowing your new lawn. [Read more]